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When I started writing about the section of “Prisoner on the Hell Planet a case history” from the book called, The complete Maus on page 105. I didn’t know how to go about writing the analytical essay since I wasn’t too comfortable with that writing process. It was harder than I thought it would be. So I began with writing my rough draft describing all the things that I saw on the drawing panels. I just wrote the basic things that I thought would describe what was going on, for example “his mother laid on a bathtub full of blood.” After I was done describing the panels, than I started to free write about things that I thought each panel meant. Later, I went on to read that particular section in the book again to really understand what was going on in order to be able to portray to my reader the true emotion and real meaning behind what I was describing. I did as much as I could by myself, but I started to realize after working on it a few times that I needed someone else’s advice, so I took my composition paper to a tutor at my college campus and she was able to help me figure out what the main purpose of my essay was for. Than after I figured out what I wanted to discuss; the possible reasons why the author wrote, drew, and decided to include this section in the book of Maus. I was ready to make corrections on my essay, the tutor and I edited it on paper, we found out that I needed to be more descriptive and add more describing words in order for my reader to be able to image what was going on in the panels that I was discussing. Moving forward, I moved some of my sentences that I originally had in my second paragraph to the last one and reworded many things on my essay that made sense to place in other parts.

After my rough draft was done, I went ahead and turned it in to my professor for more revising and he helped me improve my essay even more. He made many side notes on how I could describe more the panels and moving other main ideas around. He also gave me suggestions on how to divide my ideas and paragraphs into several sections, so that it worked well with the tone of my essay. Once I received his comments and revised the rough draft. I went ahead and got back on to my computer and made sure I corrected my essay to the best of my ability, and added more information from past and future events that happened in the book in order for my readers to understand the section I was writing about. I made major changes on how I was going about writing the essay, and now had main ideas that were clear to my readers.

As I did my tutoring, proofreading (by my professor and classmates) and my corrections, I learned more about the panel section that I was writing about and got into the meaning of each panel along with the writing process I was supposed to do for that essay. Now that I am reflecting upon the process of this essay I realize that it really is a “process” in order to get the best essay possible! It took time and effort for this essay but it all paid off in the end because it became one of my highest graded essays for my English 2 class! Revising and editing essays is the key to a great piece of writing!


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