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My name is Uriel A. Rosales, my nickname is Ude. I am currently living in McAllen with a college roommate; I am originally from a little town named Sauk City in the state of Wisconsin. I moved to the valley about three years ago to continue my education. I am 21years old, and have been attending South Texas College (STC) four semesters; this past semester (2012 fall) will be my 5th semester here. I am two classes away from obtaining my Associates Degree in Business Administration. Before South Texas College, I attended Madison Area Tech. College also known as MATC. I have no kids and I am my only/primary caregiver. I am a visual learner and also have a little ADD, so I can’t sit still for a long period of time. This is a struggle for me when I am writing because I have to take many breaks.

I only like to write about certain things, mostly things that I may find interesting, such as businesses, economics, society, family, personal life, and past experiences to name a few. I find it ironic that I like to write, but not read so much. My past experiences with writing have all been good; I’ve had some great professors for my English classes, including Mr. Daniel Tyx during my attendance at South Texas College. If I had to choose a struggle that I’ve had with writing it is spelling. I currently use writing in my life through college and work! I think I might foresee using writing with my future work place. I plan on being a successful business man, and owning my own business, so I will most likely be doing a lot of paper work and emails.

My main goal is to eventually get my MBA (Masters in Business Administration), but a short term goal is to get my Associates in BA and transfer to Pan Am to get my bachelors in Business Administration in Finance. I am currently working at Kay Jewelers at the Plaza Mall, and plan on using my education to move up in the company while I am attending college. During this past 2012 Fall semester my writing has improved dramatically, I now have the ability to apply research information for first and secondary sources to my compositions. I hope to continue to strive to be the best writer I know I can be, and apply more techniques to my writing skills. At STC my hopes is to continue to grow as a student and person so that I will be prepared for grad school!




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